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Case Study:
Adelphia Communications Corporation - Managing Legal Operations of a Bankrupt Company

Adelphia Communications was a cable communications company with customers across the United States.  During 2003-2006, the company declared bankruptcy and two large cable companies, Comcast and Time Warner, agreed to acquire substantially all of the assets of Adelphia.  With the company in a state of flux, it hired Bremer Law, P.C. to serve as its legal director of operations in its Southeast region, encompassing seven states and 1.5 million video subscribers, and to navigate the issues arising from the bankruptcy and the sale.


  • To manage the legal aspects of Adelphia’s operations in the Southeast region until the point of sale.
  • To minimize liability and preserve assets so that the company would retain its value through closing and meet all closing conditions.


  • Negotiate hundreds of multi-dwelling access agreements, commercial agreements, fiber leases, asset purchase agreements, and right of entry agreements in the seven-state area.
  • Manage overall litigation, claims and settlements in the seven state region.
  • Assist the transfer of ownership process.


The sale of Adelphia’s assets to Time Warner and Comcast closed successfully, and hundreds of business and vendor contracts were successfully negotiated and transitioned. 



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