Delivering Results in Telecommunications and Government Affairs

WHAT we do

We at Bremer Law, P.C. are passionate and well-informed about our work, and that translates into our ability to deliver on time, on budget and on the mark results for our clients. 

Our work has been concentrated around two primary themes:


We are a leading national law firm on the legal issues facing the telecommunications industry, and our base of experience in this industry is deep and relevant.  We have successfully represented a host of technology-driven companies, from broadband service providers to wireless and technology equipment vendors.  We have extensive experience working with national cable communications companies, radio stations, programmers and content providers, incumbent local exchange providers (ILECs), competitive local exchange providers (CLECs) and more. 

Government/Public Affairs

We are highly skilled regarding the relationships between government bodies at all levels and the businesses, regardless of industry or sector, which work with them to achieve mutually beneficial goals.  We also have deep relationships with officials at all levels of government and in key agencies, including the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Public Utilities and Public Service Commissions, U.S. Department of Commerce, the Copyright Office of the Library of Congress and the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.  With our passion, connections and experience, we are properly equipped to provide high-level strategic counsel and offer tactical recommendations that work.

Our expertise includes:

  • Regulatory Compliance

Our knowledge of regulatory agencies and legislative bodies enables us to efficiently analyze issues and their impacts on our clients and advise them appropriately.  We also assist clients in the development and presentation of testimony, coordinate activities between administrative agencies and branches of government and analyze policy considerations.

  • Key Operational Agreements and Issues of Operating Authority

We have managed high-pressure, complex deals in order to bring about positive results for our clients.  We provide a broad range of legal services to many of our business law clients, and are adept at offering legal advice at each phase of business operations.  We draft and negotiate licensure and operating authority applications and agreements, right-of-way agreements and operational and service contracts with government and businesses.

  • Right-of-Way Agreements

We counsel telecommunications clients on public rights-of-way, helping them manage policy implications on their operations and assisting with the drafting of regulatory ordinances and franchise agreements.

  • Transfers of Ownership

We advise clients on small and large, simple and complex transfers of ownership or control, helping them with their due diligence, vetting risks and identifying opportunities in the transition.  We ensure these processes comply fully with applicable federal, state and local laws.

  • Legislative Representation Nationwide

We counsel our clients on the impacts of legislation that local and national governments enact and the issues that arise during the process, draft testimony and any necessary language necessary to the legislation and attend hearings on their behalf.

  • Representation of Vendors Providing Services to Government Entities

We provide advisory services for government contractors, and have negotiated contracts with cities, states and the military.



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